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Are you the owner of an adorable pet? If so, you would be familiar with the constant anxiety of ensuring that your beloved pet does not get lost. You want your dog to be safe as well as healthy. Even when you are busy working, you wish to guarantee that your pet is getting enough exercise and rest. A GPS pet tracker can be an end to such miseries.

Via such a product, you can keep tabs on your pet and if the given tracker is equipped with value-added features, you can also make sure that your beloved companion exhibits optimal health. One such product is the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker. This item is bound to satisfy you.

Provides Nationwide Coverage
How awesome would it be if you could keep tabs on your pet regardless of where you are in your country? Well, if you live in the USA, you will be glad to know that Whistle provides coverage on a national level. This feature allows you to know the whereabouts of your pet, regardless of which state you are in.

All you have to do is pay a subscription fee, and you can monitor the movements of your pet and make sure it stays safe.

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Monitors Your Pet’s Health
As a pet owner, it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your pet is as healthy as possible. If you have a dog, then you will be aware that pups require daily walks to maintain an optimal weight. If you work and have left the responsibility of taking your dog out on walks to someone else, you can still keep tabs on the progress via this GPS tracker. This tracker alerts you about how much your pet has rested or walked in a day.

Along with the value-added features mentioned above, this product has the following specifications:

  • The accuracy of the tracking network is ensured by combining the cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS technologies
  • The product allows you to assign safe places and get notifications on your phone as well as emails when your pet leaves its safe space
  • You can track down trips that your pet took during the day via this product
  • This product allows you to track the activities that your pet indulges in
  • The product allows you to set customised goals
  • It is waterproof and should only be used on pets weighing more than 15 pounds


  • The product has a light weight and is convenient to use
  • The customer support is excellent
  • Extended battery life


  • The design of the product is too big
  • The GPS can lag at times

Customer Reviews and Conclusion
Regardless of the few flaws that the product exhibits, this GPS tracker has been well-received by pet owners who believe that its inexpensive price along with accurate tracking makes up for the few disadvantages that it carries.

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