A pet tracker can be defined as a device that uses different technologies to keep track of pet locations. When the tracker is in place pet owners are able to monitor the movements of the pets and to even tell the exact location of the pets hence it is easier to find them when they are lost or stolen. A pet tracker generally offers any pet owner security and peace of mind even when the pet is outdoors unaccompanied.

The pet tracker devices are commonly attached to pet collars for dogs and cats to provide real time round the clock tracking of the cats. There is also the option of microchips that are surgically inserted into the bodies of the pets but the collar trackers tend to be more popular amongst pet owners because they do not involve any operation however minimally invasive it could be. Pet trackers function the same way as automobile tracking systems do meaning that you can get the tracking information on your mobile phone or computer. GPS pet tracking systems are most popular and rely on cell phones to transmit the information. This means that they are only functional where there is cell phone network coverage.

How they work

The GPS pet tracker devices are electronic devices that have transmitters and are attached to the collar of the pet to make it possible for the pet owner to create virtual boundaries for the pet. These boundaries are what owners consider safe zones for the pets and as soon as they go beyond, then notifications are sent via text or email so the owner can take the necessary action. Apart from locating the pets, the trackers are also able to notify owners when recharging of the battery is needed and offer them real time updates on pet location throughout the day. Some very good trackers will not only show you where the pet is but also offers you directions and instructions of how to get there fast.

Choosing a pet tracker

There are so many pet tracker models and brands and you might need to do your research before purchasing one that is suitable enough to serve your pet tracking needs. The features of the tracker, the technology it uses and the size are some of the most important considerations you would need to make when selecting. Let the size of your pet whether a dog or a cat guide you into choosing the best tracker. You want to make sure that you can track the pet but at the same time ensure it remains comfortable wearing the tracker.

For instance, there are trackers that come with antennas which can be distracting or uncomfortable for pets and they can also increase chances of the pet getting stuck when trying to move through some areas. Carefully scrutinize the pet tracker to make sure that every feature included gives you and the pet and easier time staying connected and reuniting in all possible situations.

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