Our overall verdict "Good"

Your children and pets need a space of their own where they can enjoy. They need to go out of the parameters of your home and play. It is important for their physical and mental growth. But, this doesn’t mean you should let them sneak out of your protection. You can always keep a check on their location and activity to make sure they are safe.

Trax Play GPS Positioning helps you keep a track of your loved ones all the time. The tracker comes with a mobile phone application which allows you to monitor their location all the time. You can, now, virtually view where your children or your pets are heading to, allowing you act accordingly. The device comes with many added features which make it superior to other similar items present in the market.

The features which make it so popular among parent and pet owners are:

Small and Light Weight
The tracker is small in size compared to others and much lighter in weight. Children, while playing, doesn’t like to carry heavy objects with themselves. This tracker has been prepared to keep the fact in mind that your children don’t get tired of it. This makes it easy for your children and pets to carry it around with themselves.

Beautiful Color and Design
Trax GPS positioning tracker comes in different colours and has a beautiful rectangular design. The small box looks like a cool gadget which your children can gladly carry around the streets with themselves. The box comes in basic white with a touch of other colours at the borders. Different colours are available in the market and you can choose the one which is favourite of your child or the ones which suit best on your pet.

Lasting Battery
The lasting battery of the tracker makes it a promising one. After a single charge, it can live out for a whole day. You can plug it in for charging at night and it will keep running the whole next day keeping a track for you of the ones which you love the most in this world.

Supported Smart Phone App
The GPS tracker comes with a mobile phone which allows you to operate it from your smartphone. You can download the app and render its connectivity with your device. When active, you can monitor the movement of your children and pet.

2 Years Free Data Roaming
For an initial couple of years, the tracker comes with a free data roaming. You are not charged any hidden or additional charges for its services for the first two years. The device is operate-able in more than 30 countries which means you can carry it with yourself when you’re going for a tour or vacations abroad.

The beautiful design and reliability make the Trax Play tracker the most popular children and pet tracker at the moment. Moreover, there are tutorials available over the internet for its setting up helping you with the starting process. You can follow easy steps to activate it.

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