Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Live Tracking: 9/10
Compatibility: 10/10
Build Quality: 9/10

Whether you own a dog or a cat, you know the importance of keeping it safe. This is especially because the dogs and cats are pets that still require a degree of freedom on the outdoors which means they could wander off your property and into the neighbourhood.

Pet owners worry about pets that are not on the property but with the help of a GPS pet tracker, the worrying has finally being put to rest.

Tractive GPS pet tracker is one of the most popular trackers available in the market. It comes with a clip included to make attaching to the dog collar easily and it can also be used on cats that are not too small. The GPS tracker offers real time and live pet tracking meaning that you can clearly see where your pet is headed and take the appropriate action if need be.

The location of the pet can be checked on a browser or smartphone making the Tractive pet tracker a great tool for finding lost pets mostly dogs.

One of the most outstanding features of this tracker is the integrated light that makes it even easier for you to find the dog in the dark. It also enables you to create zones and get alerts as soon as the pet leaves the allowed areas. The GPS battery life of the tracker is increased by the power saving mode so you only receive periodic updates that are just as important in tracking your pet.

This wearable GPS is waterproof, taking off the worries of your pet dipping in water for a swim or being out in the rain. Even though the tracker does not attract any SMS costs, a small monthly fee is applicable because the GPS collar relies on cell phone towers to communicate. The tracker works with Android and IOS

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  • Real time and live tracking
  • Zoning possibilities so you create virtual boundaries and get alerted when they are broken
  • Clear monitoring of the pet on internet browser or smartphone
  • Compatibility with IOS and Android
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Integrated light for easy finding in the dark
  • Periodic updates to save power
  • USB cable, A/C adapter and collar clips included

Pet tracker summary
The Tractive GPS pet tracker is excellent for dogs that love swimming and with the integrated light you know you will have an easy time finding your pet in the dark. This tracker offers an excellent solution for checking pet whereabouts and will, therefore, offer you peace of mind. The pet tracker is sizeable and lightweight and therefore you know your dog or cat remains comfortable even with the monitor attached. The design is compact and carefully designed so it offers a secure fit while maintaining the comfort of the dog or cat.

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