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How many times have you experienced the anxiety of thinking you’d lost your dog? What if they had run off, or worse yet, been dognapped? Losing a pet is a nightmare every loving pet owner hopes never to experience. The anxiety and grief that riddle you afterwards can be crippling. Now, you can fit your furry loved one with a GPS tracker that will always let you know where they are.

The Tracca Dog GPS Tracker is a reliable option with which to monitor your dog. Furthermore, it is specifically designed for usage in the UK.

Tracking Capabilities

Tracca Dog is one of the most accurate dog trackers on the market. It gives you the position of your dog within 5 meters almost instantaneously, rather than the usual 10-15. Furthermore, you can locate your pet even in areas where other trackers may not work, such as woodlands or built up areas.

The Tracca App allows you to view your position in relation to your pet’s so that you know which way to go. Additionally, it allows you to monitor your pet’s movements live, detailing their speed and direction of movement as well. You can view your dog’s surroundings through a geographically accurate satellite view as well, or use the option of Google Street View. Additionally, you can create a virtual fence around your canine. Specify a certain location and a radius around it, so that if your dog ever moves out of it, you are alerted instantly.

The cutest part, however, is that you can upload a picture of your dog and see their face on the map every time you open the app. The free Tracca App also features history recording capabilities, meaning that their movements are mapped and saved for a set number of days.


As with many pet tracking devices, the Tracca Dog requires a working SIM to operate properly. However, Tracca provides you with a lot of flexibility, so you can choose the best plan for you. There are no monthly subscription charges, which means you pay only what you want to. Additionally, Tracca offers the best UK coverage of any pet monitor available.


The Tracca Dog is small and lightweight, meaning more comfort for your pup. Its battery can last up to 36 days, depending on your level of usage. It is also water resistant, giving your pet the freedom to move about as they wish, in or out of the water.

To reduce anxiety about your canine’s whereabouts, the Tracca Dog GPS Tracker is one of the best available for the UK market. It is highly recommended that you outfit your dog with one, and ease your mind!

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