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Price: 8/10
Battery Life: 9.5/10
Reliability: 9.5/10
Build Quality: 9/10

Are you the proud owner of a cat or dog? If so, you may feel like you need to track its movements. This is because such pets have a tendency to run away and get lost. This scenario is the worst nightmare of pet owners. Therefore, all pet owners look for ways to ensure the safety of their pet. A GPS tracker may come handy for those of you who wish to guarantee that their pets are safe and can be quickly found if they get lost.

These GPS trackers provide you with notifications about the location of your pets. There is an array of pet trackers on the market, but you need to choose one carefully by first perusing the features it provides and making sure that the tracker offers accurate tracking and efficiently pinpoints the exact location of your pet.

If you want a GPS tracker which is full of value-added features, you may want to give the Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker a try. It is bound to satisfy you. 5% OFF any purchase without restriction, applies automatically at checkout. Please Enter coupon code SAS517 Click here to save 5%

pod-3-offer Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker Review

Pod 3 Enhanced Protection

This product makes sure that your beloved pet is well-protected in your absence. By doing so, this GPS tracker ends all your pet-related miseries. One may wonder, how do the manufacturers live up to the claim of offering enhanced protection? They do so by including two major features in the product.

Firstly, this GPS tracker is equipped with zone alerts. The tracker allows you to set up fences, virtual in nature. Anytime your pet steps outside these virtual boundaries, you will receive a notification. These alerts may be received on your phone or via emails. You can then use the adventure mode of the product to live stream the situation.

It also allows you to create multiple fences rather than just one. With this, the product ensures that your pet is provided with a more holistic security than one virtual fence can provide.
These two features guarantee that your pet is as secure as possible.

All you need to do is create multiple virtual safe spaces throughout the city you live in. These boundaries can be your loved one’s house or even a hotel you stay in during a vacation. Then, every time your pet breaches the boundaries you set, you will be alerted and will be able to put an end to it.

Extended Battery Life
While the world has progressed when it comes to technology, all of our technologically advanced products are limited by poor battery life. It is a common perception that value-added features come at the expense of battery life since such features consume a lot of energy. However, this product destroys this ill-formed idea.

Not only is this product packed with features ranging from monitoring your pet’s location to recording its adventures for you to see, but it is also equipped with an extended battery life. Its battery can run for up to 5 days if standby mode is used. However, even if you use the features of the product, the tracker has a long battery life.

With the safe-zone mode activated, the battery lasts for three days, while for the adventure mode, it lasts for eight hours. Moreover, the cells are interchangeable which ensures that you are not left with a drained battery at your time of need.

The inclusion of such a feature can be seen as an improvement on the Pod 2. This is because the previous version of the tracker was criticised by users for its low battery life. The fact that the manufacturers paid heed to the complaints of the users show that they care about indulging in constant improvement and, hence, creating an excellent market offer.

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  • Apart from offering the features mentioned above, this product also includes the following specifications:
  • The tracking service can be used on Apple iOS 8+, Android 5.0+ and the browser of your computer or phone
  • The weight of the product is 31 grams
  • The product is 52 mm long and 25 mm wide
  • The package contains a Pod 3, two sets of batteries, two straps, and a charging USB cable
  • A three-month service also accompanies the package
  • The tracking service features worldwide coverage
  • The monitoring service has a subscription fee of US $4.95 per month if your data plan is yearly
  • The product allows you to peruse 24 hours of location history
  • The product enables you to monitor the daily activity level of your pet, thereby allowing you ensure that it is fit
  • The tracker alerts you if your pet undergoes collision or exhibits unusual behaviour
  • The product is waterproof in nature and is, therefore, durable
  • The tracker is known to withstand rough conditions and is impact resistant which further adds to the sturdiness of the product


  • The tracker is lightweight, which allows it to be effectively attached to the collars and harnesses of pets
  • The price of the product is reasonable and within the range of the masses
  • The worldwide coverage of the tracker makes it a likely choice for pet owners, regardless of where they live
  • The adventure mode of the tracker allows you to monitor your pet visually. This feature is not available in other similar products
  • The customer service is excellent, which ensures that profitable and long-lasting customer relationships are made


  • The product is quite big for an average-sized cat and, therefore, undermines the usability of the tracker on all pets
  • It takes a few minutes to pinpoint the location of the pet

Customer Reviews and Conclusion
Customers have lauded this tracker and activity monitor for its high-quality and commitment to guaranteeing the safety of pets. Even though a few flaws mark the product, pet owners have been quick to overlook them since they believe that the various features that the tracker does exhibit effectively outweigh the few cons of the product.

Moreover, customers have reported that the product firmly adheres to the collars and harnesses of pets and ensures their safety at all times. For those of you who crave aesthetics in all accessories and tools, you will be pleased to know that this tracker is stylish in nature. It looks like a small battery, but its matte black finish and the contrast of silver with the black gives it a sophisticated yet elegant look which has been appreciated by the masses.

All in all, this tracker has not only succeeded in making sure that your pets are safe and sound but also managed to ensure that they exhibit optimal health. Its unique modular system along with other technologies has allowed this tracker to offer an excellent performance to pet owners worldwide.

If you are a busy person but constantly concerned about the well-being of your pet, you should buy this tracker and bid farewell to all of your concerns.
Invest in a tracker and equip your little buddy with one so as to ensure its security.

You wouldn’t want to lose your pet over a small yet grave mistake. Be well-equipped to deal with the worst while ensuring that the worst never comes. Buy the Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker and keep your pets safe.

pod-3-offer Pod 3 GPS Pet Tracker Review

5% OFF any purchase without restriction, applies automatically at checkout. Please Enter coupon code SAS517 Click here to save 5%