Our overall verdict "Excellent"

The Pod 2 pet tracker is a device that is almost the size of a wine cork and weighing as little as 29g. The size of the tracker makes it one of the lightest you can find in the market making it very comfortable for pets.

Each unit comes with two interchangeable batteries so you can have one charging through USB and the battery can actually last for 7 days before running out and requiring a recharge. With the extra battery, you can be sure that your pet remains monitored even when one runs out.

This pet tracker is easily attachable to the pet collar because it has a fitting strap that is adjustable to make sure you get the right fit for the pet. It works on any collar size and pulls tight to avoid flapping and annoying your pet.

pod-3-offer Pod 2 Pet Tracker Review

It uses GSM and GPS technology making it possible for you to locate the pet from any given part provided there is mobile coverage. The price of the tracker covers first 12 months of SMS and mobile data fees and renewal costs stand around £30 annually for most areas.

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300x250_00 Pod 2 Pet Tracker Review

What can the Pod 2 do?

  • The new generation Pod 2 has Wi-Fi that delivers fast positions in that you can locate your pet indoors as well
  • The pet tracker has a locate now button that will display the current position of the pet upon request in real time on a map whether it is outdoors or indoors
  • It has escape alerts because you are able to set up safe zones for the pet which create some sort of a virtual fence for the pet and you are alerted when they stray
  • It makes it possible for you to unveil your pet adventures because you can track and sync the pet’s secret life using an app when they return
  • The tracker also monitors pet activity hence you are able to tell how fit and healthy the pet is depending on the activity level whether running, walking or resting
  • It has an ergonomic barrel designs that are tested for minimal impact on everyday pet use

The drawbacks

  • The Pod 2 pet tracker has many benefits but it also has a few drawbacks that are also important to note.
  • Some features are gimmicky and not that useful especially for adults like the activity level feature
  • Some of the collars are breakaway collars increasing chances of getting lost when they get caught up on items outdoors with the tracker attached

Key Features

Here are some of the features that make the Pod 2 pet tracker an amazing pet choice for your dog

  • It is waterproof; submersible IPX7
  • It is lightweight and small
  • Fit for all pet collars and animals
  • Long life 380mAH lithium battery lasting up to 6 days
  • Two interchangeable batteries for convenience and better performance
  • Unique features that offer you flexibility keeping track of the pet

The Pod 2 Tracker Summary
If you are looking for the smallest and lightest pet tracker, then the Pod 2 pet tracker is the way to go.

pod-3-offer Pod 2 Pet Tracker Review

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