Our overall verdict "Excellent"

PeTrek is a popular pet tracking tool that has gained its fame over time. Is it really a good choice to invest in this tool to track your pet’s activities? Or are there better options? Let us find out in this PeTrek review!

PeTrek is a durable and lightweight tracking device which will be fitted onto your pet’s collar. This will help you keep a virtual eye on your furry little friend at all times. You will be able to track and monitor its activities with an ease that truly speaks for itself. Also, you can monitor where it goes and how long it stays there to find out a lot of things you used to be unaware of before. Its advanced GPS tracking mechanism will transmit precise data about its location and other factors as well With PeTrek, you will get numerous features like:

uBlox GPS readings
With the amazing uBlox GPS readings, you can access 50 satellite channels on a powerful worldwide network.The advanced GPS technology will give you highly accurate readings, It will bring you within ten feet of your pet at all times.

GSM technology
The GSM technology supplements the GPS technology when it is unavailable.
This will help you pinpoint your pet’s location at all times.
Free smart phone app
For any busy person, a smart phone app is more than useful.

The app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices.
On the app, you can instantly request your pet’s location and track them as and when you like.
Motion detector.

This feature will inform you whenever your pet is on the move.
It allows for active tracking of your pet on the run and also helps in the conservation of battery.

Extended battery life
With the help of motion detector, the device saves most of its battery.
When your pet is at rest for more than three minutes, the devices turns on standby mode which is quickly disabled when the pet starts to move again.
Durable and waterproof
Pets are active and love adventures.

They would love to wander off into the wild and would be splashing around in ponds and puddles whenever they get the chance.
For these situations, the device has been made waterproof.

Set geo fences on your smart phone and whenever the pet seems to cross the limits, you will receive alerts.
Better be aware than sorry!

Rechargeable Li-ion battery
The battery is very long lasting and can go on up to a week.
With GPS tracking enabled and being on standby mode, it can last for as long as thirty days!
If you go online and read any PeTrek review, you will find every customer raving about its usefulness and effectiveness. Try it today!

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