Our overall verdict "Good"

Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar has been designed for cats and cats only. It is a highly advanced cat tracking system and is more than just about seeing if your cat is lost or not – it is about seeing where it goes! The feline creatures have an amazing sense and affinity for adventures.

They love exploring the wild because such is their nature and when you leave them to roam about, they will find themselves in interesting locations (which will be interesting to you too!). These collars are beautifully designed for the comfort of cats and will help you track it with expertise and ease.

Things to know before buying Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar:

It has been designed only for cats

The collar has been designed with cat proportions in mind.
It is very light and very comfortable for the feline creatures.
The collar should not be used on babies or dogs – only cats.
It is affordable
The collar is available at a very affordable price of just 125 pounds in the UK and 160 USD in the US.
It will be shipped to most parts of the world too at only 200 USD.
With the collar, you will also get a 12-month free subscription across the European Union.

Advanced tracking system
The cat tracking collar uses GPS and GLONASS for the most advanced tracking.
It incorporates wifi to detect whether your cat is home.
It also uses advanced battery management.
Easy to charge

It is very simple to charge Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar and you simply need to attach the device to a PC or any other power source through the mini USB port.
It takes only about four hours to charge and can last for up to three whole days!

Cat locator and tracking
Locate the whereabouts of your cat and track where it goes and when it leaves.

It works using home wifi and cell phone network and takes information every ten minutes.

Global cat tracking
The Pawtrack has a global tracking system and can work anywhere in the world. Also, it is portable so if you take it to another country, it will work there.

It is splash proof
If your cat loves to splash in the water, you would be happy to know that this device is splash-proof and will stay intact even when splashed with water.

The 3 day battery life is a definite benefit.

The Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar is more than just a tracking device – it is a device which not only lets you not lose your dear pet but also observe their activities. If you have wondered about what your cat wants to do and where it wants to go, then this is a device you need.

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