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9.2 Score

G-Paws Pet Tracker Review

Any pet owner knows the troubles of owning a pet – they run, they jump around, and they are always trying to have fun. When you own an energetic ...
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Dogtelligent Dog Collar

Dogtelligent Review

Important Update [22/08/16] -- Dogtelligent, has shut down its operations. Take me back to pet tracker reviews Click Here Your dog deserves the ...
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Dog Tracker Plus
8.2 Score

Dog Tracker Plus Review

Do you own a cute pet dog? Is it super energetic and loves playing around and jumping? Dogs are active creatures that love to play and roam about. ...
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Loc8tor Pet GPS For Cats
7.9 Score

Loc8tor Pet GPS For Cats Review

Cat – a wonderful pet and creature has a knack for adventures and loves playing around in the wild. Whenever a cat owner cannot track their pet, ...
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MGS Tracking Device
8 Score

MGS Tracking Device Review

Its is a heartbreaking experience to lose a beloved pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. The anxiety and worry that overcomes you when you realize ...
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Neelam TK207 Tracker
7 Score

Neelam TK207 Tracker

Animals are meant to roam freely. It is in their nature, and to confine them permanently in a cage is cruel. However, pet owners also fear for ...
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