Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Its is a heartbreaking experience to lose a beloved pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. The anxiety and worry that overcomes you when you realize your pet isn’t where they should be are immense, even if you find them after a bit. Furthermore, dogs and cats are, sadly, kidnapped as well.

To save yourself from such grief and anxiety, you should attach a tracking device to your dog, so you always know where they are. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The MGS Tracking Device system with Waterproof Anti-lost Wi-Fi Tracker GPS for your cat or dog is one of the best trackers that I have used.

It can give any pet owner a certain peace of mind, and their pet a little bit of extra freedom.

The MGS Tracking Device is available in three colors, gold, blue, and, my favorite, gray. It is cutely shaped like a paw and is small enough to go unnoticed by a mature cat or dog. It clips securely onto your pet’s collar and does not move around once your pet is wearing the collar. The clip is screwed into place, which makes sure it doesn’t just fall off.

Additional Items Required
Since the tracking services operate on GPS and GSM, you will need to purchase a micro SIM card as well. The SIM card needs to be topped off with credit regularly as well, as every time it transmits the location of your pet to your phone, it uses data.

This sturdy device is water-resistant, except when fully submerged. This means it’s all right if your pet gets soaked in the rain or sprinklers, as long as the tracker isn’t submerged in water. Additionally, the tracker can pinpoint the location of your dog or cat within 15 meters. The smart rolling LED light in the tracking device lights up automatically when the surroundings are dark, providing you with a beacon for your pet’s location.

Its geofencing capabilities are one of the device’s most useful features. Through this feature, you can set up a virtual barrier for your pet, so that when they cross it, you are instantly alerted on your phone’s application.

The MGS Tracking Device, once fully charged, can actively track your pet for up to 3 days at a time. Additionally, if your pet is lost, the device has a feature which lets you retrace your pet’s history, for up to the past 90 days. This means that you can find where your pet is, and how fast they are moving, if they are. The app shows real-time tracking, and the most current location of the device and your pet.

Grant yourself some peace of mind and purchase the MGS Tracking Device for your pet!