Our overall verdict "Good"

Cat – a wonderful pet and creature has a knack for adventures and loves playing around in the wild. Whenever a cat owner cannot track their pet, they feel concerned and disturbed. Every pet owner is aware of the chills they get when they don’t have any means to locate their pet within the first few minutes of them disappearing. Those moments are absolutely horrifying and it is in these moments that we realise how important our pet friends are to us!

Your feline friend may have lost their way while enjoying itself on a solo adventure and when you don’t know how to find where they are, it becomes very difficult. For those who have faced this and want to avoid the whole feeling of being uninformed and unaware of their pet friends, the Loc8tor Pet GPS for cats is definitely for you.
Why should you use this device for your cat friend? There are many reasons why!

Get yourself a lovely device for your pet cat at just £79.99 if you want it without GPS. Else, you pay an amount of £99.99 (which is also quite affordable). This is a price you are not going to find with any other pet locator but this.

Money back guarantee
Afraid that you might lose your money completely if you choose to buy this product? Don’t be!
The Loc8tor Pet GPS for cats comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
So, if you don’t like the device and want to return it, you will get your money back in full.

A long warranty
The manufacturer warranty of this device is an impressive two years.
Use the locator freely and if it runs into any kind of trouble, get it fixed for free.

Trusted by tens of thousands
This device is used and trusted by many people around the world.They love its ease of use and the accuracy of its tracking technology.

Pinpoint directional technology
The pinpoint directional technology is much more effective for tracking your cat in smaller distances than the GPS.
You can find the exact location of your cat using it.

Train your cat to return home
You can train your cat to return home with this device.

Use the Loc8tor Pet GPS for cats just before you feed them and they will start associating the beep with food.
This will have them come running back to you for dinner.

Splash proof tags
If your cat likes to play around in water every now and then, the splash proof tags will protect the device.
This device is definitely worth investing in if you want more peace and happiness in your life. Your pet cat is someone you adore and want to take care of – with Loc8tor Pet GPS for cats, find them easily.

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