Our overall verdict "Excellent"

As George Eliot said, ‘Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms’. Pets usually tend to reciprocate the affection and love their owners lavish on them, by small yet adorable gestures such as hickeys, licking and even love-bites.

Pets can be a source of serenity and relaxation, when a person comes back home, tired from this fast paced technology controlled world. However, people who really adore their pets and love them unconditionally know how devastating it is to lose one.

To counter this situation effectively, firms started manufacturing pet trackers a few years ago. Today, we have some of the most sophisticated pet trackers in the market, serving the purpose of protecting your pets from harm. One of these pet trackers, which has gained the spotlight in the market is the Loc8tor Lite AJ2.

This pet tracker is one of the best available and offers several features to help pet owners. Here are some of the reasons, why Loc8tor Lite AJ2 is worth your money.

The compact size means that you can go on a walk with your pet while having this pet tracker in your pocket.

Directional Abilities:
The directional capabilities of this pet tracker help in guiding you towards your pet while telling you the way along the journey. This helps you in knowing the exact location of your pet and approaching it quickly in case of danger.

Audio and Visual Cues:
The audio and visual cues help in locating your pet in a faster way. You have the ability to command your pet over the locator transmitter and also watch its activities, to keep a check on your pet 24/7.

The Loc8tor Lite AJ2 is extremely lightweight and weighs about 5 grams, which helps you in carrying it along with you, anywhere you go. Moreover, you can also train your kids and help them use this tracker when you are not around.

Extended Range:
It has a clear line of sight and an exceptional range of 122 meters, which helps you in finding your pet, even if it is far away from home. If you have a large home, the Loc8tor Lite AJ2 is perfect for you. Its wide range and audio and visual cues can help you search your pet, without having to go about finding it all around the house.

The Loc8tor Lite AJ2 is one of the best pet trackers in the market, and can certainly help you in keeping your pet safe. Regardless that you believe in ‘A Man’s Best Friend’ concept, or you’re a cat person, the Loc8tor Lite AJ2 serves its purpose well and is worth the investment.

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