Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Do you own a pet? If so, the chances are that for you, your beloved pet getting lost is the worst nightmare.

You can’t help but feel paranoid every time you take them out on walks. You triple check to make sure you close the front door behind you whenever you leave. If you are such a pet owner who prioritizes your pet’s safety, then you will be happy to know that there is an array of GPS trackers available on the market which, when attached to your pet, can effectively give you their location.

Such a product ensures that you are aware of the whereabouts of your beloved companion all the time. If you are looking for a high-quality pet GPS tracker, you may want to give the Kippy VITA GPS Tracker a try.

Say No to Distance Limitations

How awesome would it be if you could monitor where your pet is even if you are not in the same city or the same country as your adorable friend? This product allows you to do that. You can use this GPS tracker from all of Europe, South Africa, and India without having to bear any additional roaming cost. This product uses Vodafone to ensure that you get a high-quality coverage.

Track the Activity of Your Pet

This product not only allows you to monitor the location of your pet, but it also ensures that you can take care of its health regardless of where you are. As a pet owner, it is your primary responsibility to make sure your pet has optimal health. This product does so by tracking the activity of your pet. Not only does it give you notifications about the daily operations of your pet, but it also allows you to keep tabs on its calorie consumption, thereby guaranteeing an ideal weight.

Kippy VITA Specifications

This product exhibits the following specifications:

  • This GPS can provide you with updates every six seconds
  • The product allows you to set a virtual fence, or geofence, and get a notification when your pet crosses the fence
  • After purchasing the product, you need to buy a tracking service by visiting the website
  • The service has a subscription fee of £362 per month
  • The product is waterproof and adheres firmly to the collar of your pet
  • The battery life of the product is seven days


  • The product has an anti-shock feature which ensures the safety of your pet
  • The tracker allows you to set customized goals and ensure that they are met
  • It is easy to install on the harness


  • The product is bulky
  • The GPS lags at times

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Although the product has some flaws, customers have been quick to overlook them since the tracker has succeeded in providing an array of features. Pet owners have lauded the product for its quality and performance.

All in all, this product is the solution to all your pet-related miseries. If you wish to make sure that the health of your pet is optimum while keeping tabs on its location, you should buy the Kippy VITA GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor.