Dogs are social animals and it is, therefore impossible for them to stay in one place especially when outdoors. They do have their territories and more often than not they move around and even beyond these territories. As a dog owner, you might feel worried when you have not seen your pet for hours but with the assistance of a GPS dog collar, this is a worry you will be able to put to rest. The collars are fitted with GPS devices that make it possible for you to locate where your dog is. The collars are great in keeping pets from getting lost or ,being stolen.

The market essentially has two different GPS device types for your dog. There are the assisted devices and the traditional devices. The assisted GPS devices use cell phones technology to help in locating your dog from the collar transmitted information and could require subscription because they use cell phone towers to make the transfer of information possible. The traditional devices on the other hand are operated using radio transmission devices that are embedded on the dog collar with the larger benefit of making sure you can track the dog even in areas that do not have cell phone signals as long as you are very close to the pet.

The major advantage of having a GPS dog collar is that you can keep track of the dog’s movement in a given area. They are designed to cover a wide area depending on the range of the device that you have selected. You can therefore select the collar in relation with how active your dog is and how large its territory is. Because it is possible for you to create zones using the devices, you will be alerted as soon as the dog stray out of the zone so you have enough time to take the appropriate action to bring the dog back home.  To make this easier, some of the GPS collars have microphones fitted so you can call your dog to return home when you start getting worried.

Choosing the best collar

GPS dog collars are offered in different sizes and you therefore make a choice depending on the size or breed of your dog. It is advisable to choose a dog collar that you can easily adjust so that you are able to use it for longer even as the dog continues to grow. Even though most of the GPS collars are lightweight, some can be a little cumbersome and this makes it very important to choose a size that is bound to fit the neck of the dog comfortably and securely. You do not want the dog to lose the collar but neither do you want a collar that ends up chocking the dog. Always look at the materials the collar is made of and the weight before selecting the one you feel is most suitable for your dog. There are so many collar choices available in the market and you therefore should have an easy time choosing the perfect one.

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