Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Any pet owner knows the troubles of owning a pet – they run, they jump around, and they are always trying to have fun. When you own an energetic pet, you experience immense amounts of pleasure and happiness but at the same time, these pets can also turn your life around! When you can’t find them for the next hour or so, you know it feels awful. In fact, not being able to locate them feels like you have lost everything in your life! You don’t want to feel that way again and this is why G-Paws pet tracker has been designed and created.

Your pet loves going on his or her own little adventures and instead of limiting your baby, just start tracking their activities! G-Paws pet tracker has a simple and innovative design which helps you track, view, and share your pet’s adventures on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The intuitive navigation makes things easy and fun.

What’s even better? You can make more pet friends on G-Paws.com or via other social networks. Build your own group and share your wonderful stories with those who feel the same way. This pet tracker is much more than a usual tracking device. It is also waterproof which makes it much safer for use (pets have a tendency to get themselves into wet trouble a lot of times!).

To make it work, you need to get the G-Paws Track. This is an ultra light device and a robust GPS data recorder. The device is so small and light that your dog or cat will never even know about its presence. It will record and transmit the exact location of the animal, where they go, how fast they run, and lots more. This information will be uploaded to your pet’s profile on G-Paws.com where other pet owners can see and compare their own pet’s statistics.

The G-Paws pet tracker has numerous great features and your beloved pet deserves its awesomeness.

Track them and be sure of where they are and where they go. Never lose sight of them by getting real-time location data on your smartphone, tablet or even PC.

G-Paws pet tracker is the world’s smallest and lightest tracking devices. It fits easily on the pet’s collar and then tracks its whereabouts easily and with precision.

The battery is Lithium-ion powered and lasts up to eight hours. How fantastic is that?

You can view maps of where your pet has travelled, top speeds, and distances.

The battery can charge itself from flat to full in a meagre four hours!

There is a social network platform for you to share the pet’s adventures.

Journeys are displayed in chronological order, making everything look like a nice, long story.

The device is waterproof and will not stop working if your pet likes to play in the water.

Get the G-Paws pet tracker today for your pet.

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