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Your dog deserves the best treatment from your side. If you do not take care of his health, routine, and other things, he will become weaker and live a lazy, short life. A pet is a loyal best friend who loves you more than anything and this is why using Dogtelligent should be used to take care of him.

What are the features of this intelligent dog collar?

You can easily train your dog to do a lot of things with the help of this collar.
The virtual fence and leash technology will signal your dog from wandering off into unknown territory.
The automatic ultrasound technology will discourage excessive barking.
With the help of speakers and microphone on the collar, you can talk to the dog from anywhere you are.

Activity Monitoring
The integrated accelerometer will monitor your dog’s activity levels.
This will help you keep your dog healthy.
The activity monitoring feature will also strike the right balance between rest and exercise for the dog’s ideal routine.

Share your progress
Share photos, tips, and your dog’s adventures on the Dogtelligent community.
See what other dogs are up to and enjoy the fun of sharing things with those who are on the same network!
You can also compare your dog to others of the same breed and age and see if he is doing okay.
If your dog is performing worse than others, you need to pay attention to its fitness!

Maintain vet records
One of the most unique as well as useful features of this collar is that it can maintain vet records.
Store data about vaccinations in one place. This will always be handy for future.
Also, showing the activity data of the dog to the vet can prove to be very useful for a better and more accurate analysis.
So, your dog loves playing in the water and splashing around is a daily and fun activity? No worries!
The Dogtelligent dog collar is waterproof and proves to be an amazing device created for active and cheerful dogs.

It is also shockproof and can withstand any rugged treatment!

Longest battery life in industry
The battery life of this device is the longest in the industry!
The collar can track for 7 to 14 days after just one charge. Isn’t it wonderful?
Prevent the hassle of charging over and over with Dogtelligent.

Progress charts
You can see how your dog is progressing over the past few days (or months) with the help of Dogtelligent.

Location alerts
You can set virtual boundaries and if your dog seems to cross them and move too farther away, you will get alerted.
Your dog is your best friend and with Dogtelligent, take good care of him. Ensure his health and long life for a better life for yourself.