Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Do you own a cute pet dog? Is it super energetic and loves playing around and jumping? Dogs are active creatures that love to play and roam about. Their adventures are worth talking about! The unique little obstacles they encounter every time they go about making them look super adorable. When you own a pet dog, you know that it’s not you who owns anything but they who own your love and heart! They are loyal, they are beautiful, and they are your best friends! Any dog lover wants to take care of their pet friends and this is why Dog Tracker Plus is a device made just for you.

Safety and security of your dog are a top priority for any pet owner and with Dog Tracker Plus, you can secure your dog in a way you would love.
Always on live tracking.

This dog tracker collar is always tracking.

It is very simple to use and you will be able to find your dog in seconds after losing sight of it.

Anti theft features
The collar boasts of panic alert and anti-cut webbing. Thus, if someone tries to cut off this collar off your dog’s neck, they will not be able to do it.
The security collar and integrated lock will disallow removal.

More than just maps
You will not only be able to see their geological location but also their speed and direction.

This is important and a very useful feature in numerous scenarios.
Geofences and alerts.

You can set electronic boundaries on your cell phone and each time your dog crosses those, you will receive alerts.
No one wants their dog to go too far and with this feature, you can prevent that.

The speed and distance
Know how fast your dog runs! You, as a dog owner, should be aware of the speeds your little pet friend is capable of.

With the help of this feature, you can get a precise number for your dog’s average speed.

Exercise routine
With Dog Tracker Plus, you can set a target for daily exercise and monitor its activities to ensure it gets a good amount of it.
This way, you can improve your pet friend’s fitness.

Daily report card
The device will inform you about your dog’s personal statistics.

You will see their goals and achievements. This will help you see what their daily activities result in.

Achieve the ideal weight
No one wants their pet to get obnoxiously overweight.
You can set and monitor your dog’s weight changes with the help of this tool which will help you see they achieve the ideal weight.
Get alerts, stay alert. With Dog Tracker Plus, always be aware of where your dog is and what it is up to! After all, your loyal best friend deserves the best care.

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