If you have a dog, you must know how a person becomes attached to this pet. This furry friend isn’t just adorable but also loyal. You become so used to these canine pals that there’s not a single activity that doesn’t include them. So, of course, when you travel, you can’t leave your pooch behind. Whether you travel by air or by road, you need a dog carrier.

Things to consider before purchasing
Most people travel by car, so it becomes necessary to have a dog carrier for the car. This carrier is also required when you want to take your pet to the vet. It ensures that the dog remains safe and secure. However, before buying a car carrier, there are many factors that a person must take into consideration. The most important of these have been discussed below.

The first and foremost feature that the dog carrier must have is that it should be lasting and heavy-duty. If it gets damaged easily, there’s no use of buying it in the first place.
The carrier should offer adequate airflow. It should be made of a breathable material so as not to suffocate the pooch. It should have windows or doors to make the dog feel secure but not trapped.

Another important quality that you need to look for is that it should be of the right size. If it is too small, the dog won’t fit. If it is too large, the dog might consider it as its domain and start peeing in it as well.

Last but not the least, the dog must feel comfortable in its carrier. It must be soft on the inside to make sure the dog doesn’t get hurt.
Reliable dog carriers
There are many dog carriers available out there, two of which have been discussed below.

Sleepypod Air
This dog carrier is perfect for car travel. It is of an ideal size, and it has straps on both sides for securing it with the seat belt of the car. Made of tear-resistant mesh material, it is durable as well. The carrier is comfortable with plush bedding and the material is breathable.
It has a padded shoulder strap so that your shoulder feels somewhat comfortable carrying it. Additionally, it is perfect when you want to travel by air. It has slits that allow it to be secured to the trolley so that your shoulders can be relieved. It comes in several colors and is easily foldable for convenient storage.

Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier
This one is also an excellent and versatile dog carrier and works for both road trips and air travel. It has a premium design and the air mesh material it is made of keeps the pet secure. The duffle bag-styled carrier is scratch resistant, which means that it is both lasting and dependable.
With windows and doors, it keeps the pooch happy and safe. It has straps to secure it to the seat belts as well. It is lightweight and keeps the pet happy.