8.6 Score

PeTrek Review

PeTrek is a popular pet tracking tool that has gained its fame over time. Is it really a good choice to invest in this tool to track your pet's ...
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Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar
7.5 Score

Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar Review

Pawtrack GPS cat tracking collar has been designed for cats and cats only. It is a highly advanced cat tracking system and is more than just about ...
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SmartCat PetFinder
8.6 Score

SmartCat PetFinder Review

It is an amazing pet tracking device which can be used to keep track of your cat's whereabouts and activities. The Petfinder is a small and light ...
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Garmin Astro 320
9.5 Score

Garmin Astro 320 Review

Do you know about the dog tracking and training tool,  the Garmin Astro 320? It has gained huge amounts of popularity recently and offers some ...
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Loc8tor Pet GPS For Dogs
7.4 Score

Loc8tor Pet GPS For Dogs Review

Your dog is a wonderful pet and creature. Dogs are energetic and love to play and jump around. Their very presence brings so many good harmonies ...
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9.2 Score

G-Paws Pet Tracker Review

Any pet owner knows the troubles of owning a pet – they run, they jump around, and they are always trying to have fun. When you own an energetic ...
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